Ethical hacking is the process of trying to break into a company’s security system and expose the loop holes, with their permission. Ethical hackers use a series of tests such as penetration testing, vulnerability testing, etc. to understand the integrity and confidentiality of the company’s data.

Scope Of Ethical Hacking

With the growing number of threats, it is becoming difficult for companies to protect their critical data and systems from the external threats. This has created a huge demand for ethical hackers who can help them in securing their operations and offer them a third person view of their security systems.

According to Nasscom, India will require at least 77,000 ethical hackers compared to the present figure of 15,000. If you are well versed with the inner workings of a system and have the capabilities to discover new weaknesses in an otherwise secure system , then you will find it easy to build your career and take it to the next higher level.

If you compare the industry to what it was a decade back, things look much more positive now. Banks, financial institutions are hiring a white hat or ethical hackers to protect their systems, networks, applications and more